So You Want to Make a Movie:

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Student Film Project Guidelines
You will take part in a challenging and fun experience through your student film project. It will require you to be organized, creative, resourceful, compromising and PATIENT! You will be expected to wrok closely with and contribute to your group everyday.
Goal: Your goal is to produce a 12-15 minutes edited student film worthy of being shown schoolwide in the WILD Film Festival. You should take this project VERY SERIOUSLY!
The project is worth 400 points and will span over the next few weeks of school. It counts as your final exam.
  1. Complete proposal 75 pts.
  2. Scripts/Storyboard/Shooting Schedule 75 pts.
  3. Filming 75 pts.
  4. Editing 75 pts.
  5. Final Exam Reflective Essay 100 pts.
*Absolutely no profanity, gratuitous sexual or violent content or racially offensive material! I reserve the right to censor any material that I deem inappropritate!
*Missed proposal, script & filming days will result in points deducted. You should use the alternative assignment list to make up points (if your absence is excused).
*All groups must follow any other guidelines given by the instructor.