Cast Away Unit:
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Consider the following questions:
1. What is the universal conflict?
Man vs. Nature, Man vs. God/Fate, Man vs. Man, Man vs. Himself--which fits the best?
2. What are some themes explored in this film?
Time is _.
Living is _.
Hope is .
3. What evidence can you find of the changes that Chuck Noland experiences (physically and emotionally)?
4. Describe the difference between the everyday "idea" of a tropical island and the reality that Noland encounters.
Our idea: palm trees, lots of fruit, beautiful weather, paradise
Reality: rugged terrain, storms, little variety of food
5. How does Chuck Noland become resourceful while on the island?
Skates, dress, videotape, volleyball, leaves, coconuts--what does he do with these?
6. Why does Chuck Noland create "Wilson"?
7. What part does art play in Chuck Noland's experience?
Angel wings, cave drawings, Wilson--what do they do for Chuck?
8. Why is a rope hanging from the top of the island's cliff?
9. Does Chuck Noland go "insane"? Why or why not?
10. Describe the dynamic between Chuck Noland and Kelly. How does it change?
11. Digital effects editing was used throughout this film. Can you describe scenes in which this process was used?
12. How do you feel about the movie's ending? Was it what you expected or hoped for or would you have created a different ending?

Other issues/considerations:
*What is the difference between living and existing?
When we live, we are engaged in life. Work, love, fun, etc. When we merely exist we only have to breathe, eat and sleep.
*What do you, personally, live for? What would keep you going if you were in Chuck Noland's situation?
*Why do we measure time the way that we do? Do we really need to?
*Explain the difference between the following:

Time before the crash --measured in seconds and minutes; Chuck's always rushing; he always has a destination

Time on the island --measured in days--then months--then seasons--then years; weather related (rainy season, dry season, windy season); measured by tides

Time after the island--measured moment to moment.