Goal of this project:
*To demonstrate that I understand the music business as a whole

Why is it important to understand the music business?

1. First, music is something we all listen to. But we tend to take it for granted. There is much, much more to music than our favorite artist rapping/singing/playing on stage! It takes a TEAM of people with various jobs to get an artist to the point where we hear him/her on the radio/streaming continuously!

2. The music industry is a HUGE part of our culture. We can prove this easily—most people can identify Beyonce or Taylor Swift easier than they can identify a Supreme Court justice or the state Superintendent of Education. This is because our society places a HIGH value on the music industry and entertainment media.


(No copy/pasting-rephrase in your own words)

Step 1: Preliminary research-

*KWLM sheet
*Online Article-How A Record Label is Organized/Tricky Word Lookups
*Video-How the Music Industry Works (how artists go bankrupt)

Step 2: In-Depth Research-

The first part of your presentation will deal with a Record Label/Company:
*Look up the record label of your favorite artist
*Collect information about it-Name, CEO, Founder, Location, Earnings, Other Artists Represented, Conglomerate (Parent Company) or Subsidiaries (smaller companies owned by the parent company)
*Job Openings at the record label
*News about the record label
The second part of your presentation will deal with the music business in general:
*Explain how a record label is organized/various jobs
*Explain how a record label can make an artist go bankrupt/in debt

Step 3: Putting it together in your presentation:

*12-15 slide minimum
*Use a photo or graphic on each slide
*May use 1 appropriate Youtube link in the project lasting no more than 40 seconds
*No copy/pasting of words
*Proof your slides! Grammar/spelling counts!

*You can earn 15 bonus points to go toward other grades if you present this project to another class. The teacher must sign off and write a comment about how you well you did.

*This project will be graded according to standard rubric.